• Sherita Leslie

Working with Genealogy Roadshow

One of my favorite TV shows that I work with Genealogy Roadshow. With Genealogy Roadshow we travel to different cities across the country researching the ancestry of every day people. The hosts of the show and a team of researchers help guests answers questions, reveal family secrets, and discover their family's history.

Their has been so many great stories since I have started working the show. In New Orleans a couple found out their families lived a block over from each other in Italy. They also came over on the boat to America together. In Houston a young lady found out her ancestors were slaves of the American Indians and walked the trail of tears. In Philadelphia a woman found out one of her ancestors pretended to be man so that she may fight in the Civil War. Genealogy Roadshow comes on Tues 7pm Central on PBS.

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Sherita Leslie is a Nashville makeup artist who also works  in Atlanta,Memphis, Louisville,Huntsville and Birmingham. With over 12 years of experience she has experience working in TV, commercials, film, music and advertising.