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New Images with Adara

When I meet with a new artist I have never worked with before I love to get to know them and discuss their look. It's not just about the makeup,hair and wardrobe its about an image. When I asked Adara to describe me her look she told me to think early Lady GaGa mixed with a little Katy Perry.

Adara's wardrobe reflected just that. Their were a lot of shiny metallics like she was a superhero from another planet or someone who just stepped off of a spaceship. I knew then I wanted to create a luminous look that also included diamonds. The shoot was at Studio 615 with the photographer Lauren Alethia who is always full of creative ideas. At the end of the day it was really great to work with someone who dares to be an individual in an over saturated industry.

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Xo till next time

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Sherita Leslie is a Nashville makeup artist who also works  in Atlanta,Memphis, Louisville,Huntsville and Birmingham. With over 12 years of experience she has experience working in TV, commercials, film, music and advertising.