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Larry G* Curb Music * Working In the Cold

Curb Music's smooth R&B crooner is Larry G. An artists' formula centers around three instantly recognizable style factors — for example Larry G's would be "a hat, bling and '70s swagger!" To compliment this style I wanted to make his grooming very clean and minimal.

Day 1 of the shoot was shot in a warehouse. It happened to be one of the coldest days of the year and the warehouse owner forgot to turn on the heat the day before. So it was freezing.

At that moment I was glad that I had with me my winter essentials kit. As a freelance artist you never know what conditions you are going to be working under so I stay prepared. Here are a few things I keep in my car during the winter months.

  1. An extra coat

  2. Hat,gloves,scarves etc.

  3. Hand and feet warmers ( I always bring extra so that I can share with my talent just incase production does not have any.)

  4. Thermal bag as a set bag (you can also put hand warmers in your set bag to keep your product from getting to cold)

  5. Cover (this really comes in handy if you are working with kids on set)

  6. Boots

  7. Tissue (runny noses)

  8. Aquaphor (cracked skin and lips)

  9. Thermal cell heated insoles

  10. Insulated water bottle or Thermos (Great for keeping tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc warm)

  11. Smart wool socks

  12. Lava Buns heated seat cushions (great for keeping talent warm in the makeup chair)

Another great thing to have that is on my Christmas list is a Brookstone Insulated Heated Jacket with Rechargeable Battery it warms in 10 minutes and can keep you warm for 10 hours. That is almost a full production day. A girl can dream right? Did I mention I hate being cold?? Also be sure to avoid wearing cotton and goose down when working in the cold. Once it gets wet from rain, snow or sweat, the cotton will start to extract heat out of the body.

Here are some behind the scenes from Day 2 (which was soooo much warmer)

Larry is currently on an International tour with Akon.

XO till next time

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