• Sherita Leslie

$1 Lashes Anyone???

We all love a bargain right????  Well let me share with you were I love to inexpensive amazing lashes.  As a makeup artist I usually buy my lashes in bulk.  So you can only imagine how happy I was when I discovered the online store  Miss A.  

My favorites are THE #110 when I want to use a natural lash. They are really similar to the Arielle lashes #110

The Mila Lash is a great natural  lashes with a shorter length. 

When I want a lash that is little more dramatic I love #702. 

ALLURE even pointed out that the #702 looks exactly like eyelashes extentions that people pay $150 to $300 for. Here is beauty blogger Aylin Kecei IN THE #702

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Sherita Leslie is a Nashville makeup artist who also works  in Atlanta,Memphis, Louisville,Huntsville and Birmingham. With over 12 years of experience she has experience working in TV, commercials, film, music and advertising.