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If you know me or my work you know that when it comes to my work I love beauty. So the title special effects makeup artist is not a title I ever thought I would have. During my 12 year career, I have had to learn to do cuts, bruises, old age makeup and working with prosthetics. Surprising enough I absolutely love it. While I will never be able to audition for Face Off. I really enjoy doing basic special effects. I love how through makeup I can aid in telling a story. With special effects you can help make a story come to life. This summer I was contacted to work on a project that required me to age an actress as we jump through different time periods. I would also have to paint a prosthetic belly to match an actress's skin tone. There would also be scenes in the hospital that I would need to help look more real. Once I found this out I jumped at the chance to be apart of the project. The project was a commercial for Merck for Mothers. The vision for the commercial was for it to be shot more like a short film rather than your standard commercial. If you are unfamiliar with Merck they have a track record of taking on the most urgent global health challenges. Merck for Mothers builds on this legacy by implementing programs, partnerships, and solutions so no woman dies giving life. I love the message behind the commercial "Merck for Mothers-Reverse". Take a look at it for yourself.

Here's a few behind the scenes from the shoot.

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Nashville Makeup Artist Sherita Leslie

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Sherita Leslie is a Nashville makeup artist who also works  in Atlanta,Memphis, Louisville,Huntsville and Birmingham. With over 12 years of experience she has experience working in TV, commercials, film, music and advertising.